Storytime KS1

Sharing a shell with Miss Meredith

Story time with Miss Meredith

I am Too Absolutely Small for School

Lola is feeling a bit nervous about starting school. Can Charlie convince her that she will enjoy it once she gets there? 1. Why does Lola think that she might not have time to go to school? 2. Why does Charlie tell Lola that she needs to learn her letters? 3. What does the message on the fridge say? 4. Why does Charlie say that Lola can not go to school dressed as an alligator? 5. Who is Soren Lorenson? 6. Write down or draw all the best things about school to help you look forward to coming back soon!

Buglar Bill

Enjoy the story and then try to answer these questions: 1. What does Burglar Bill like to have for his breakfast? 2. What does Burglar Bill put into his sack? 3. What makes a sound like a police car? 4. What does the baby like to eat? 5. What do Burglars Bill and Betty have as a late night snack? 6. What do the two burglars decide to do with all the things they have stolen? 7. What job does Bill have in the end?

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Sophie has an unusual visitor for tea. Will there be anything left for her and her Mummy to eat? 1. How did Mummy know that it wasn't the milkman, the grocer or Daddy at the door? 2. How do you think Sophie feels about the tiger in her house? How do you know? 3. Why couldn't Sophie have a bath? 4. What was Daddy's goof idea? 5. What animal would you like to knock on your door for tea? Can you draw a picture of you and your animal visitor?

Noah's Ark

Join Ms O'Toole for a retelling of this class bible story. How many animals can you spot in the story? Can you draw a picture of Noah's Ark and some of the animals entering the boat? Talk to someone at home about how you think Noah felt when he saw the rainbow?

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Storytime Lower KS2

George's Marvellous Medicine, Chapters 13&14

It's the final part of the story! What will happen to Grandma? 1. How long did it take for the chicken to shrink to the size of a 'newly hatched chick'? 2. What word does Roald Dahl use to describe how Mr Kranky looks at the beginning of the last chapter? 3. How does Grandma mistake the medicine for tea? 4. How do you think Mrs Kranky feels once Grandma disappears? Why? 5. If you created a magic medicine, what would it do?

George's Marvellous Medicine, Chapters 11&12

Can George remake the medicine? What will happen when he tests the medicine on his father's chickens? 1. What did George do to the medicine once he had all the ingredients? 2. What had George forgotten that made the medicine the right colour? 3. How long did the chicken's legs get? 4. What dis Mr Kranky have to get from the garage?

George's Marvellous Medicine, Chapters 9&10

Will Grandma have to stay stuck in the roof forever? Will George and Mr Kranky be able to make more medicine? Try to answer these questions after you finish the video: Why do you think Grandma is so cross at the beginning of the video? What evidence is there for this in the story? What simile does Roald Dahl use to show how much better Grandma is feeling? Can you find an example of Grandma using alliteration when she rides Jack Frost? Why does Mr Kranky want to make more of the medicine?

George's Marvellous Medicine, Chapters 8&9

So, will Grandma come through the roof? What will George's Dad say if she does? Let's find out... Once you have listened to the chapters, try to answer the following questions: Why does George give some medicine to the chicken? How does Mrs Kranky feel when she gets back from shopping? How do you know? How does Mr Kranky feel when he arrives home? How do you know? What do you think Mr Kranky is imagining when he sees the enormous hen?

George's Marvellous Medicine, Chapter 6

So, Grandma has taken the medicine but what will it do to her?

George's Marvellous Medicine, Chapters 4&5

What else will George add to the magic mixture? Will he give it to her? And if he does, what will it do to her?

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On the Farm

Lambing 3

Lambing Season is coming to an end. Take a look at what is left to be done on the farm!

On the Farm : The Lambs have Arrived!

Welcome back to Hyden Farm! Watch this video and see if you can answer these questions: What do the farmers dip the lambs' navels into? Why? Why do the lambs and sheep have numbers on them? Why are lambs carried by their front feet? Why does 'Tinker' have blue bandages?

On the Farm-Chickens!

Cecily and her family have made another brilliant video telling us all about what is going on at Hyden Farm! Watch the video and answer these questions: 1. What is in the chicken food mix? 2. Why are shells and stones an important part of the chickens' diet? 3.Why are the chicken eggs all different sizes and colours? 4. Where are the Dorking chickens from originally? 5. What is special about the shell of a duck egg? 6. What is the same about every bird egg? 7. What is the job of the egg white?

On the Farm

Cecily helps her Grandad and her Mum on the farm. Listen carefully to the video and answer these questions: 1. How long will it be until the sheep start giving birth? 2. Why did the sheep have to come in early this year? 3. Why does Farmer Jones split the sheep up? 4.How long does it take for all the sheep to lamb once they start? 5. What foods do the sheep eat other than grass-why? 6. Why are all the sheep different? 7. What is the most lambs that Farmer Jones has ever know one sheep to have?

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